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Addressing Learned Helplessness

Aviophobia and the Fear of Flying

Meet your new therapist . . .

The Natural World

Health anxiety hurts . . . a lot . . . and many of us suffer from it.

How to lose friends and alienate people even if you don't want to.

Can dreaming heal our emotional wounds? There is growing evidence that it can.

A look at hard lessons

learned from the experience

of romantic love.

Money and mental health are intertwined. Here's how it influences our overall well-being.

Distraction gets a bad rap, but can help us with creativity, problem-solving, de-stressing and even pain. 

Ageism Hurts More than Seniors

A key to happiness that we too often overlook . . .

Messages from the embodied mind warrant our attention

What to do when people mess with our autonomy

All the reasons alcohol is not your friend and, too often, becomes your enemy.

An examination of family

traits that hurt and those

that heal.

A study suggests strong attachment to animals may be a "disorder." Listen to my rebuttal.

Trying to change a behavior but keep getting stuck? You may want to try a "breakout change."

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