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Yours truly . . .

When asked to describe myself, I'm always at a bit of a loss. This may stem from my Catholic education where we were admonished not to draw attention to ourselves. I am Midwest born and raised, but well traveled and spent nine wonderful years in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. My passions include sailing the Great Lakes, wilderness backpacking, nature photography, writing, meteorology, astrophysics, eco-psychology and delving deeply into the human condition.

By trade, I am a psychotherapist, writer, trainer and public speaker. My part-time private practice, which is called "Out of My MInd, LLC," is based in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. My weekly award-winning newspaper column, called 'Out of My Mind," has been around since 1985 and can be read from this website. I've written three books and have a few more in progress. Beyond that, I'm like most of us: doing my best in a challenging world, finding what joys and transcendence I can, and embracing the mystery of it all in my own fashion.


I appreciate you stopping by for a look.
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