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With the Autumnal Equinox behind us, fall begins in earnest. In the upper Midwest, peeks of color poke out here and there, but the full visual experience is yet to come. Our summer was dry, although not abnormally hot like most of the nation. While not in a full-on drought, we need rain. The lake levels are low, the rivers slow and ground moisture is not ideal. I hope for a pattern shift that will bring us more precipitation and, eventually, a true Midwest winter. Autumn is a time that reminds us of the transient nature of our experiences. Just as nature has its rhythms, so do we, on all levels — physical, emotional, in consciousness. Too much time in the high-tech human world knocks these out of balance. Immersion in the natural world restores this sense of harmony and connectedness. Research shows even a short visit in a natural environment slows our sense of time passing, elevates one's mood and shifts our perspective in a positive way.


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