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Winter has descended on the upper Midwest. Episodes of snow occur with increasing frequency. The Sun rides low in the southern sky, awaiting it's tilt back north after the upcoming Solstice. Animals hunker down, often emerging only to forage for food, then returning to their warm nests. The birds crowd our feeder and seem to relish the heated birdbath nearby. One creative squirrel has found a way to leap onto the feeder despite our "guard" on the post. It's a taxing time for many outdoor creatures, but they adapt. When we humans enter a mental/spiritual "winter" within ourselves, we are challenged to do the same. Find a way to keep going, to adjust around the impediments and difficulties, and endure until brighter, warmer times return. Not easy, but in their own metaphorical ways, the other animals show us the power of resilience and stick-to-itness. Hopefully, for the downtrodden, an inner spring awaits.


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