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After an early winter that felt more like March, we finally experienced our first major snow storm and arctic plunge of the season. As a neighbor told me, "We got the whole winter in one week." That may prove to be the case, as warmer temps are in the offing once again. The photo is of a bench beneath a walnut tree in a corner of my backyard. It shows the 18 inches of white stuff that descended over a three day period. The precip was followed by an arctic air mass with below zero temperatures and dangerous wind chills. Unlike many in my midst, I enjoy this weather. In fact, I tend to enjoy most weather. One just needs to dress for it and take sensible precautions. Of course, some folks are vulnerable in these conditions, as they are in extreme heat. In particular, homeless folks and others struggling with keeping the heat on have every right to complain. Our community opened up a warming center for these people. As for me, I'm hoping for more of the same.


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