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One need not be a climate scientist to recognize that Spring in the Midwest has arrived early, as now seems the new abnormal. While welcomed by many, I behold the wonders of life's rebirth with both delight and unease. While somewhat different from the calamity that Rachel Carson wrote about in her prophetic 1962 tome, Silent Spring, the upheaval in seasonal balance is more than disturbing. Driven by greed and hubris, we have messed with nature's homeostatic controls, striving to bend them to our will. This ignorant tampering, initiated primarily by corporate and political interests obsessed with their own power, is creating painful and destructive consequences that current and future generations will suffer at great cost. If you love your children and grandchildren, if you relish the fauna and flora of the Earth, if you embrace hope over despair, then remember to support those politicians and businesses that do the same.


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